When it comes to your home expenses, one area that you typically do not consider all that often is the amount of electricity you use and how much this is going to cost you. It is rather incredible the amount of electricity you might end up using, which in turn can send your monthly utility bills sky high. Due to this, you need to know what the electricity rates are and how you can save money on your next bill.

When moving into the new location, you need to see if there are different electric service providers in the area. Some areas are only going to have one or possibly two different service providers in the area. If you don’t have an option than you probably are going to have to go with whomever the company is. While this might not seem fair, there isn’t anything you can really do about it. However, when you have two different companies providing the electrical services in the area, you just need to contact each company (or visit their websites, as this information is usually listed on the website) and then look at the electrical rates, which are listed in kilowatt hours. The less expensive the option is the one you should go with. More likely than not, the two companies are going to offer rates that are similar to one another, but even if that is the case, you should at least find one that is slightly less than the other. There are a lot of good Electric Companies Texas.

Now that you have looked at the different rates for the companies you might have access to, you need to look at the different devices you are using and if you can change the amount of energy you use during the given month. For starters, to trim down a bit off of your monthly utility bills, you need to unplug chargers that you are not using. Cell phone, laptop, tablet and other chargers are going to continue drawing energy from your power outlet, which in turn is just going to increase your monthly utility bill for no real reason. Outside of these devices, you can trim your energy bill by turning down your heat a degree or two. You might not be able to feel the difference in temperature but your pocket book will feel the difference.

One thing you need to consider are the energy efficient devices that are available for purchase. Next time you need to buy a washer or dryer, fridge or television, or just about any other major appliance, make sure to look for the Energy Star rating. This means it has met specific government standards and is not going to use as much energy as the other options.

Everlasting Art: Tunes That Withstood Time

How Classical Music Is Like DNA
I know the analogy of classical music to DNA may seem strange. To be sure, it is a strange correlation, but it is not far off the mark of the reality of classical music. By this, I mean DNA continues to be passes on from generation to generation. More specifically, our genetic codes are passed through DNA through every generation in each species of life. This is analogous to classical music because the only way a specific classical piece can survive is through being played in Read the rest of this entry »

History: When There Was Classical Music

Imagine A World Without iPods
This may be a staggering though experiment, but imagine a world completely absent of iPods. Further, imagine a world without recorded music. In addition, take away all forms of digital music, vinyl records, CDs, tapes and radio channels. What does this world look like to you? To recap, you do not own any music, so what does this mean?

Live Classical Music
The meaning Read the rest of this entry »

The Classical Music Period began in the 1700s and extended into the mid-1800s, somewhere between the Baroque and the Romantic Periods. Classical music had clearer textures and shorter melodies than Baroque music, and was less complex. One of the most significant characteristics of Classical music is that it contained many instrumental works. The instruments most used in Classical music included the strings, woodwinds, keyboards, and brasses.

Subdominant moves flourished in classical music, which introduced darker colors, Read the rest of this entry »

Back in the time of classical music, way back before video games and television and credit cards and credit card settlement companies, there were hundreds of composers all over the world but there were three altogether whose own efforts and ingenuity changed the way we look at music, today. These virtuosos , these supermen, these unbelievable maestros of talent not only defined the face of music and the conventions it now upholds, they inspired a large number of modern recording artists today – surprisingly, even a few rappers and hip-hop artists cite the original masters for their success. Without these men, music and everything we know about it might be horribly different. Join us now as we take a look at the magnificent three.

1. Johann Sebastian Bach
Known as a perfectionist when it came to composition and complexity, his legendary pieces are heard by us today and celebrated by all as the crowning achievements of his marvelous career.

2. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
One of the finest pianists to have ever lived, he refined both the concept of composition and musical intrigue very well setting the stage for the musical fundamentals we adhere to this very day.

3. Ludwig van Beethoven
The inventor of Romantic music, Beethoven was possessed by the most mercurial nature that bled into his work creating quick, passionate and unpredictable brilliance.

Although classical music has not always been the most favored genre of music, it is one of the oldest genres, and is one which has contributed to every other genre of music that everyone loves, and listens to today. And, there is still a large audience which does love and listen to classical music, and enjoys the softer side of tunes and rhythm it has to offer, which is not found in many genres of music we Read the rest of this entry »

Classical Music: The History
From the dawn of time, sound and its influence on the human ear created a need to openly express rhythm. The earliest periods of classical music advanced most during the Medieval Period of the 1100′s to the 1400′s in history. By the 14th century, music was written and notated. The 15th century freed classical musicians to create harmonies and earliest forms of chords. It wasn’t until the 16th century that composers contributed sophisticated Read the rest of this entry »

Andrs Torres Segovia is considered the most influential classical guitarist of the 20th century. He has had a notable place in modern classical music because of his influence on other guitarists in the last century.

His initial influence was known by his creation of modern transposed versions of classical pieces for guitar that were written originally for other types of instruments. His unique phrasing, style and musical tonality came through in a personality of guitar work that is undeniably his own. Segovia is also given credit for being Read the rest of this entry »

There have been numerous artists that have had an impact upon history through the power of classical music. This has been true in many historical periods of human history and is true even today.

There have been artists such as Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Haydn, Tchaikovsky and many other that have had a profound influence on the culture that has been influenced by their classical music styles. Classical music has influenced politics, literature, dance, theater and every other musical style to the modern times.

Classical Read the rest of this entry »

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